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Strategic Planning

More than just putting words to paper, Mark works with financial institutions to help see strategic plans come to life in the minds, hearts and actions of staff. Using strong facilitating skills and a thoughtful approach, Mark engages clients to help position their financial institutions for success now and in the future. Successful businesses and credit unions conduct strategic planning sessions on a regular basis. Organizations that consistently plan well enjoy success more frequently. As author Jim Collins notes in his book Good to Great, “… good is the enemy of great.”

Strategic planning sessions Mark conducts focus on how to ensure your business does not settle for good, but strives to be great. When conducting long-range planning sessions, we bring the following skills:


  • 20-years experience in the credit union movement
  • Contributing author, CUNA Environment Scan
  • Team building and training
  • Ability to work with board and management
  • Broad financial institution background (marketing, loans, collections, management)


The strategic planning process can include some or all of the following steps:

  • Confidential, written pre-session survey completed by participants prior to the session (questions include situation analysis, direction an organization should take, etc.).
  • Team building
  • SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats)
  • Top issues
  • Priority ranking (“If you were ruler of the business for a day”)
  • Tactics (action steps, timelines, persons responsible, tentative budgets, etc.)

Our planning process includes putting your credit union through the strategic funnel and examining how your credit union is performing on the five points of a successful star.

strategic funnel and five point successful star

With over twenty years experience in the financial services industry, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and skills when helping clients with a variety of strategic issues. Not a mere consultant, Mark learns about the people and situations unique to every job and customizes solutions to help clients achieve their goals. 


“Mark came to our credit union and helped us with our strategic planning. Our board met with all our executive staff and we really enjoyed what Mark had to say and [he] helped us determine what we thought our vision and purpose is in the credit union  industry…”

Janet Sanders

CEO, Greater New Orleans FCU