Sales and Service Training

In our sales and service training, we share tips and ideas to transform your front line employees, from order-takers to sales professionals. It is a highly interactive training and designed to give your employees a foundation to service and selling. Everyone is in sales—and sales is not a dirty word. In fact, sales is the lifeblood of any organization. If your employees aren’t selling then your credit union or bank will die a slow death. Front-line employees that deal with consumers every day are critical in reaching your members and customers. But, those key employees can’t just randomly product push like a used car salesman. Instead, they must employ service selling techniques: where service leads to sales.

Our “Secrets to Success: Service & Selling Techniques for Front-Line Employees” training covers:

  • Building relationships with members/customers
  • The 8 basic service selling tips
  • Practical ways to improve cross-selling efforts
  • How to become a “solution provider” and not a pushy salesperson


sales and service training session

“I have worked for two different banks and now a credit union, and the differences between their training methods and yours, well were mind blowing. I definitely took more away from your training than any other training provided me.”

Pennsylvania credit union official