Marketing Audits

The best marketing audits dive deeply into your strategies and tactics.  Everything is audited in credit unions and banks. Loans. Teller drawers. Balance sheets. Financial statements. But what about your marketing? When was the last time your financial institution thoroughly examined its marketing efforts? If you want to maximize and grow your marketing results, then now is an ideal time to conduct one. A marketing audit does not refer to the compliance side of marketing (are you putting the NCUA or FDIC logo everywhere you should, do you have the proper disclosures posted, etc.). See below why and how you should complete a marketing audit covers.

The Why of a Marketing Audit:

  • Gives you suggestions for improvement
  • Provides money-saving ideas
  • Gives an outsider’s feedback for your marketing
  • Helps analyze your competitors and how your marketing is positioned
  • Offers industry best practice ideas

The How of a Marketing Audit:

  • Competitor mystery shops
  • Branch mystery shops
  • Marketing plan and calendar review
  • Marketing material analysis
  • Strategic marketing recommendations
  • Tactical marketing recommendations

The Results of a Marketing Audit:

“We learned some surprising things in our marketing audit. We had 35 brochures in our lobby and our lobby looked cluttered. Less is actually more.”  —Glenn Styer, CEO, Bucks First FCU (PA)

“Everything matters. From the logo on the pen to how we answer the phone, how our lobby looks and the friendliness of our website. Every aspect of who we are and what we do or not do impacts our brand.” —David Estridge, EVP, Christian Community Credit Union (CA)

“It was brutal but fair.” —Jimmy Lackey, CEO, EducationFirst FCU (TX)

“We were extremely pleased with the marketing audit conducted by On The Mark Strategies. It gave us great feedback on where we need to focus our energies to grow and better serve our members. Having a fresh set of eyes on all your materials is a great way to better your brand. I consider the marketing audit process key to our future success.”

Jay Curtis

President, First Credit Union, Phoenix, AZ (43,000 members, $408 million assets)

“Mark is terrific! We can’t say enough good things about Mark. We would definitely recommend him and we are so happy to have had the benefit of his expertise to help us craft our marketing strategy.”

Minghon Tourne