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Leadership Training

Transformational Leadership: Going from a Manager to a Leader and Mentor

In this leadership training, Mark Arnold, a former credit union executive, gives practical ideas on how to transform business managers into leaders and mentors. “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” writes author John Maxwell. The challenge for many banks and credit unions, however, is that too many supervisors are managers and not leaders. Whether it is a teller supervisor, branch manager, vice president or even “chief,” all organizations need leaders and mentors.

In this training session, Mark will cover the following points:

  • The difference between a manager and a leader and mentor
  • Staff development techniques
  • Cultivating your staff’s strengths
  • Mentoring tips and tactics
  • Creating a mentoring culture

Click on the video in the upper right corner from a recent client that relates how Mark partnered to help them achieve transformational leadership skills for their management team.

“Mark has helped us… with our training in a variety of ways. There have been some years where he’s worked with us on brand training the entire staff. There were years when we were having struggles as a management team… Mark was able to come in and do some leadership training with our management team…”

Cindy Beauregard

President, Heart of Louisiana Credit Union