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Generations Federal Credit Union

Generations Federal Credit Union

San Antonio, Texas   |   $404 million assets   |   47,000 members

Situation Formerly known as San Antonio City Employees Federal Credit Union, Generations FCU needed a new name to reflect its new identity. Critical to this process was staff buy-in and acceptance.
Actions Mark Arnold assisted the credit union through every phase of the name change process, including help with the branding message, a comprehensive internal communications plan and name change tool kit. Mark also conducted staff training with a particular emphasis on communicating effectively with different age groups. Additionally, Mark conducted weekly conference calls with the credit union, walking them through critical steps in the name change process and answering questions.
Results San Antonio City Employees Federal Credit Union formally took on the name Generations Federal Credit Union. As a result of the assistance provided by Mark, since the name change the credit union has enjoyed 25% asset growth, 7% membership growth and 7% loan growth. According to then Generations FCU President Tim Haegelin “… thank you for the amazing work you did in guiding us through our name change. We hired you on as a ‘marketing consultant’ but believe you were more like an extreme trail guide, leading us through the great unknown.”

Blue Eagle Credit Union

Blue Eagle Credit Union logo

Roanoke, Virginia | $129 million assets | 12,400 members

Situation Formerly known as Roanoke Postal Credit Union, the credit union found itself in need of a new name after switching to a community charter.
Actions Mark worked with the credit union through every aspect of its name change and re-branding process, including all messaging and communication plans and a name change toolkit. Mark also offered critical ongoing training for credit union management and staff on branding and best practices for member and potential member communications.
Results Roanoke Postal Credit Union took on the new name Blue Eagle Credit Union. With Mark’s assistance, the credit union saw a one-year growth including 16.5% loan growth, 11.5% asset growth and 5.13% net membership growth. Laurissa Grubb, Blue Eagle Credit Union vice president of marketing said “With branding it is not a one and done thing. It is easy to get busy with your day-to-day. Your brand must be a top priority: you have to focus on it daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly.”

GO Federal Credit Union


GO Federal Credit Union logo

Dallas, Texas   |   $120 million assets   |   20,000 members


Situation Formerly known as Dallas Telco Federal Credit Union, GO FCU required a new name to take better advantage of its community charter. In addition to an evolved name, the credit union needed a dynamic branding approach to continue to grow.
Actions Mark assisted the credit union through every phase of the name change process. Included in this process were a brand plan, employee training, a strategic planning session and new vision and mission statements.
Results The new name helped the credit union reflect both its history and future. An energized staff and updated target market approach were also positive benefits. According to GO Federal Credit Union President Bert Beal, “Mark provided a genuinely positive and fun experience for our staff and built on our confidence in what we were doing.”



Heart of Louisiana Credit Union


Heart of Louisiana Credit Union logo

Pineville, Louisiana   |   $85 million assets   |   15,000 members


Situation Formerly known as USDA Federal Credit Union, Heart of Louisiana CU needed a new name to reflect its new identity. The credit union converted to a community charter and required a new name and brand identity to succeed.
Actions Mark Arnold assisted the credit union through every phase of the name change process, including help with strategic branding and messaging. Along with this came staff training and a strategic planning session that led directly to new vision and message for staff and a new acronym (HEART) for staff messaging that played off the credit union name (saying Hello with a smile, Engage the member, Ask how we can help, Refer a new benefit, say Thank you). Extensive sales and service training was also conducted for staff and management. The credit union has also retained Mark’s services for several years with assistance with marketing, sales and service training, strategic planning, advanced sales and leadership training.
Results The new name helped re-introduce the credit union to a much wider field of potential new members. Staff training helped keep employees excited about the name change and branding process. Mark continues to work with Heart of Louisiana CU on a variety of marketing and communications initiatives. According to Heart of Louisiana CU President Cindy Beauregard, “I shudder to think where our credit union might be today had we not met and invited Mark to assist our team.”



Tulsa Teachers Credit Union (TTCU)


Tulsa Teachers Credit Union (TTCU) logo

Tulsa, Oklahoma   |   $1.27 billion assets   |   98,000 members


Situation With the addition of a new CEO, TTCU desired to implement a new strategic vision statement to guide future growth efforts.
Actions Working initially with the TTCU senior management team, Mark helped craft the new strategic mission statement and document specific credit union core values. This included innovative and exciting vision and value exercises. Mark also led with the keynote speech at an all-staff brand kickoff meeting.
Results The entire credit union team was energized and felt a sense of renewed commitment to its corporate culture of superior member service. TTCU President Tim Lyons stated “There is no way I could have accomplished the goal of developing a new vision, creating buy-in to that vision and implementing the new vision in the short time span that we did without help from Mark.”