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30 Ideas to Build Your Branding

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Whether you realize it or not, branding is everywhere. Organizations now more than ever recognize the importance of branding and how a positive or negative brand can substantively affect their bottom line.

In our hyper-competitive environment, advertisers aggressively promote their brands. How can your bank, credit union or business stand out in the crowd? By developing a lasting brand. However, embarking on a branding program is a daunting task. Mark can help.

Having led many organizations through the brand and name change processes, Mark can assist your organization with its unique needs. Specialized branding services offered include: developing a brand plan, training for staff, brand of market research and recommendations. Finalized brand plan essentials include: vision/mission/message, brand targeting and training, brand elements, brand awareness and timetables.

Mark has worked with banks, credit unions and organizations in size from $32 million to $1.8 billion. Mark strives to actively partner with clients to help them achieve their desired goals.

Does your credit union or bank need to rebrand itself? Check out this article by Mark published in TheFinancialBrand.com,Three Warning Signs it Might Be Time To Rebrand.” Another article by Mark “Building a Lasting Brand” featured in Credit Union insight offers tips and tactics for how to improve your brand.

“Mark brought value to our organization through his knowledge and understanding of credit unions, and his ability to design solutions that are geared to get results.”

Richard Williams

Former CEO, Security Plus Credit Union , (current CEO, Dow Louisiana FCU)

“Mark kept us focused and on task throughout the name change and branding process. I am pleased to report the project was completed within budget and met our timeline. Mark brings tremendous value in marketing, advertising and branding.”

Bert Beal

President, Go Federal Credit Union