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30 Ideas to Build and Live Your Brand

Branding Plans

You achieve growth and uniqueness by building branding plans. While your financial institution’s executive management and marketing staff are fully capable of executing a brand plan, a great deal of time, energy and expertise is also required for successful implementation. Branding is not about slapping a slogan or logo somewhere and hoping someone identifies with it. It helps to have an outside perspective. Hiring Mark to help create a branding plan that will move your bank, credit union or business down its path of desired growth.

“A brand that captures your mind gains behavior, a brand that captures your heart gains commitment.”
—Scott Talgo, Harley Davidson

Designing a successful brand triangle helps build a lasting brand. A brand triangle serves as a guide and outline. The branding process revolves around three key groups: leadership (management and board), employees and members. Leadership must manage the brand, employees must live the brand and consumers must experience the brand. Ultimately, brand defines your organization.

The purpose of a branding plan is to outline the steps and processes necessary for your credit union or bank to initiate and maintain a consistent and unified brand to its members/customers.

A brand plan includes the following items:

  • Brand vision—where do you want to go as an organization and what are you about?
  • Brand targets—you can’t be all things to all people; who do you want to reach?
  • Brand awareness—what are the best mediums to use when reaching your niches?
  • Brand timetable—branding is not a one-time effort; when will you take the various branding steps?
  • The brand plan answers the question “what is your organization about?” and brings it to life with solid tactics.

Mark can help you build a customized brand plan that will help put your bank, credit union or business on the road to branding success.

“Mark helped inspire us to focus on what it is we are trying to be to our members and how that vision…can translate into our brand…how we want to brand ourselves.”

Diane Ward

CFO, Bossier Federal Credit Union