There was a great deal of media (and social media) buzz about the newest iPad model. An interesting article asked the question “What Will Your iPad Look Like in Ten Years?” While it’s fun to conjecture about exciting new offerings like HD retina displays, upgraded speed and better memory, it seems like at least some part of the target market comes away disappointed with the latest and greatest.Future

Credit union professionals might find it interesting to take a similar serious look at where their workplace might be in a decade. This isn’t about formal one, three or five-year plans, although those certainly have their place and value. Rather, look at it as an exercise in the fantastic. Call it an informal “What Will Your Credit Union Look Like in Ten Years?” Like dreaming of the bells and whistles you’d add to your iPad, iPhone or other gadget of-choice, what would you do with your credit union?

While technology and the ways consumers digest information will continue to evolve, we can be certain of one thing: member service will always be paramount. Be careful, then, to remember that all the high-tech chrome and polish in the world doesn’t matter if we fail to do a superior job of addressing member service needs.

As part of this fun exercise, consider the following questions:

  • If you were a member, what would you want your credit union to offer in ten years?
  • Does your credit union have an individual (or team) charged with keeping an eye on potential future products, services and trends?
  • Is your credit union setting aside time, energy and capital to invest in these potential ideas?
  • Does your credit union have a formal one, three or five-year plan?
  • If so, do you visit it often and compare progress to-date with the progress predicted?

Fantasy author and futurist Jules Verne once said “Whatever one man is capable of conceiving, other men will be able to achieve.” The great realities of tomorrow start with the dreams of today.

Be sure your credit union is thinking huge.

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