Starting On the Mark Strategies Is Thinking Huge

I’ve preached for a number of years now that you should “think huge.” It’s time to not just preach that saying but practice it. So I’ve jumped headfirst into a new endeavor. I’ve resigned my position as senior vice president of Neighborhood Credit Union to focus on speaking, branding and planning.

I’ve formed a new company, On the Mark Strategies, that will “help mark credit unions for success.” I’ll offer credit unions and organizations services like strategic planning, brand planning, leadership/management training, marketing planning, and staff training. You can check out my updated website here.

A major tenet of thinking huge is thinking passion. Some of my passions include speaking, writing, marketing, strategic planning and credit unions. I love all those things. To get to do those activities every single day is a blessing. I won’t be working: I’ll be having a blast.

Leaving Neighborhood Credit Union is no easy decision. In fact, I’m staying through the end of February so we can complete some key projects (like the annual meeting). NCU has been a great place to both work and learn. As a team, we accomplished a great deal: changing the name from DPCU to Neighborhood Credit Union, conducting a major brand campaign, introducing innovative products like the Prize Savings Account and Kasasa Cash, forming partnerships with major select employee groups like Six Flags, developing a minority education outreach program to reach the Hispanic community, starting a business services division, and creating block parties for in lieu of grand openings. But these team accomplishments are just that—a team. I can guarantee you any successes I’ve enjoyed at Neighborhood Credit Union are directly related to my co-workers and staff. It is not about me—it’s about them. I am grateful for the board of directors, our CEO, executive team, marketing team and many others. The people here are wonderful and hold a special place in my heart.

And speaking of others, I could not possibly begin this undertaking without an incredibly supportive (not to mention beautiful) wife and family. I still vividly remember our road trip this summer back from our Colorado vacation. On that 15 hour drive in the van we had plenty of time to discuss our family’s dreams and goals. It was on that ride that the seeds of On the Mark Strategies were planted.

Helping credit unions succeed is what On the Mark Strategies is all about. I’m fortunate to already have clients (although I’m always looking for more!) on board to help them with their branding and planning efforts. The bottom line is now I’ll have more time to help more credit unions—something near and dear to my heart.  I’m also looking forward to several upcoming speaking engagements, not to mention teaching at CUNA Marketing Management School and Southwest CUNA Management School. Of course I also hope to spend more time writing (with projects like CUNA’s E-Scan) and providing credit unions with valuable information to help them improve their organizations.

So here’s to credit unions, thinking huge and On the Mark Strategies. Let’s go have some fun!