Mark Arnold is an expert in branding and strategic planning who helps mark organizations for success

As President of On the Mark Strategies™, a consulting firm specializing in branding and strategic planning, Mark Arnold helps businesses, credit unions and banks achieve their goals with marketing insights and energized training.

Marketing to Millenials With Kids

You cannot market to the Millennial parent the same way you marketed to the Gen. X or Baby Boomer parent. If you want to learn what adjustments you should make to your marketing strategy with this unique group, then I highly suggest you read Millenials with Kids.

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Could You Express Your Brand Using Emojis?

Ah, emojis. Those cute little digital images that people can’t seem to resist sticking in text messages, emails and social media platforms. Remember the good old days when you actually had to type colon, dash, close parentheses to get a smiley face? How...

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How to Have Your Best Planning Session Ever

Before you know it, strategic planning season will be in full swing. Every bank or credit union takes time to build their plan for the upcoming years. But do they do plannning well? Sometimes we leave those strategic planning sessions frustrated, uninspired or even...

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Energizing audiences of all sizes coast-to-coast, Mark is equally at ease speaking to staff, management, senior executives and boards of directors. He provides passion, knowledge and practical insights on a variety of topics.

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Your brand is your most valuable asset. But how unique is it? Mark can help guide your financial institution or business through his trademarked On the Mark Strategies™ branding process to help you build a strong brand.
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Strategic Planning

In strategic planning sessions, Mark focuses on how to ensure your business does not stagnate, but rather grows exponentially. Mark’s trademarked On the Mark Strategies™ planning process includes several exercises to help you develop an effective strategy.
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Marketing Audit

We audit everything in financial services. But do we audit marketing? By conducting a marketing audit with Mark your organization will have fresh ideas on how to improve and refresh your marketing.

“The best I’ve ever heard. Even better than Zig Ziglar.”


Audience Attendee

“In Mark we invested in a resource that paid a huge dividend. There is no way that we could have accomplished the goal of developing new vision, creating buy-in to that vision and implementing the new vision in the short time span that we did without his assistance.”

Tim Lyons

CEO, TTCU ($1 Billion)

“I have worked for two different banks and now a credit union, and the differences between their training methods and yours, well were mind blowing. I definitely took more away from your training than any other training provided me.”

Pennsylvania credit union official

“Mark will provide an energetic approach that will make you not want to end your meeting. My Board and Management Team can’t wait to have him back for our next session.”

Todd Pearson

CEO, Arizona Central Credit Union ($433 million)